Draw your best estimates

Play Planning Poker in Confluence to estimate your Jira backlogs

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Run efficient sprint planning sessions

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Create tasks or import backlogs
from Jira

If no backlog exists, create one!

Have an existing backlog? No problem! Choose one from Jira and select the tasks at hand.

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Draw the card set that works
best for your sprint

Each team is unique. As such, different estimation types are required.

We’ve got a deck to suit every style: Fibonacci, Days, T-Shirt, Yes/No, and Man hours.

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Estimate tasks with a fun game

No more groupthink! Players vote separately and wait to reveal their hand until everyone is ready.

Rounds can be reset until the entire team agrees on an estimate.

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Finally, team consensus with solid estimates

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Working within remote teams is challenging but with ScrumPoker it’s never been easier to estimate software tasks!

• See your results on Confluence
• Send estimates to Jira
• Keep an estimate history

Guaranteed to be a winning estimate


*Free 30-day trial. Only available for Cloud.