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Having problems to connect Jira?

We know this may be a little bit confusing, so we made a guide to help you

Download the Jira add-on

Visit the Atlassian Marketplace and install our Jira integration.

Install step

Go to Configure and Verify your Slack workspace

Type the name of your Slack team. Make sure to have Stand-Bot installed in your Slack workspace.

Verify team

Confirm you want to link Jira to Slack and start matching Jira projects & Slack channels

If you installed Stand-Bot in Slack, the bot will ask you to Verify your Jira account.

Exclamation mark

If someone else installed Stand-Bot in Slack, please use the 'connect-jira' command through DM with the bot.

Select the Jira project you want to link to each stand-up in Slack.

Configure team

Stand-Bot will DM all stand-up members to ask them to verify their Jira account.

Verify team

You're done!

You can now report Jira tickets on your status