Boost your IT + Dev team’s collaboration
with theapp for
Boost your IT + Dev team’s
collaboration with the
app for
Stay up to date about Bitbucket’s repository activity
  • Automatically view updates made in the branches linked to a freshservice incident ticket.
  • Easily visualize helpful Bitbucket information: Timestamps, status, file names, & more.
  • Direct links to Bitbucket files and repositories
Resolve tickets faster with Bitbucket information inside Freshservice tickets.
  • View branches, commits and pull requests linked to tickets
  • View pull request status, author and reviewer
  • View commit file names and their direct links to Bitbucket
  • Check latest modification dates in the app display
Keep an Eye on Your Development Team’s Progress
Create a Branch
Create a new branch in Bitbucket using Freshservice
Access relevant information
Get all the necessary context about a service desk ticket
Manage Pull Requests
Directly from your Freshservice ticket
Available in the
Per Service Agent
Keep your ITSM updated about your repository’s activity.
  • Automatic updates inside your freshservice ticket.
  • Visualize bitbucket info: Status, file names & more.
  • Direct link to files & repositories.